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My Three Big Interview Failures

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Success is a collection of failures you recovered from During my career in software development I had many interviews – both as a candidate and an interviewer. Interviews are interesting as they are a checkpoint where you are receiving feedback about how well you are doing. They are also an opportunity to learn something, so I […]

My Big Fat Night Deployment

Published a few months ago in Continuous Deployment , General - 2 Comments
continuous deployment

“This is not supposed to happen” “My VPN is not working” Not something you want to hear when you work late. It was 30 minutes past midnight. Our night deployment was not starting well. I check my VPN connection – all is OK. Log on our VPN server, check my colleague configuration. Nothing suspicious. We […]

Who is testing your unit tests?

Published 7 months ago in TDD - 2 Comments

A week ago there was a discussion on one of the Dev channels I follow on Facebook about Test-Driven Development (TDD). I am a bit afraid of these as they frequently become “Someone is wrong on the Internet”. This time I enjoyed it, as it was a great opportunity to put into words how I feel […]

Is Writing Test First Worth It?

Published 9 months ago in Programming , TDD - 2 Comments

 Test Driven Development (aka TDD) and its variations are a set of practices I respect and use a lot. The process of doing it fits well in the way I code and, over the years, changed the way I write code. TDD is widely respected, yet I wonder why it is not that widespread? I did a […]

JPrime conference

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JPrime Logo

I love going to conferences. You get to meet a lot of people and learn about the latest cool stuff that is happening. I always leave conferences charged with new ideas, enthusiastic to learn, keen to try new technologies, happy that I met and talked with some cool people. JPrime JPrime is a brand new […]

Can you remember everything?

Published last year in Productivity - 2 Comments

  We live in this fast paced world where everything is changing fast and we need to learn new stuff all the time. We read articles and books, watch videos, and play with our new knowledge. Unfortunately a lot of what we learn is almost immediately forgotten. How can we solve this issue? Can we […]