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My Three Big Interview Failures

Published 10 months ago in Self Improvement - 2 Comments

Success is a collection of failures you recovered from During my career in software development I had many interviews – both as a candidate and an interviewer. Interviews are interesting as they are a checkpoint where you are receiving feedback about how well you are doing. They are also an opportunity to learn something, so I […]

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Can you remember everything?

Published a couple of years ago in Self Improvement - 2 Comments

  We live in this fast paced world where everything is changing fast and we need to learn new stuff all the time. We read articles and books, watch videos, and play with our new knowledge. Unfortunately a lot of what we learn is almost immediately forgotten. How can we solve this issue? Can we […]

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Should you blog?

Published a couple of years ago in Self Improvement - 8 Comments

Why not? I wanted to start writing a blog for a long time. I had it on a number of TODO lists I have created. It was a long standing goal of mine. Yet I couldn’t make the final leap and start to actually write something, anything. What if I suck at writing? What if […]

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Initial commit

Published a couple of years ago in Self Improvement - 0 Comments

For a long time I wanted to start a blog. I had no idea what the blog should be about, do I need one or more blogs or what am I going to write about. Than I realized I actually do have a lot of things I want to write about, mostly things related with programming. I […]

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