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Good enough, not good enough, perfect

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It’s good enough “It’s good enough! Just ship it!” “Perfect is the enemy of good!” In this modern times, we need to move fast. Often this will come at a cost. And that cost is often quality. Quality is subjective. Sacrificing quality could be a right call. But it is not a good long term solution. […]

My Three Big Interview Failures

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Success is a collection of failures you recovered from During my career in software development I had many interviews – both as a candidate and an interviewer. Interviews are interesting as they are a checkpoint where you are receiving feedback about how well you are doing. They are also an opportunity to learn something, so I […]

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JPrime conference

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I love going to conferences. You get to meet a lot of people and learn about the latest cool stuff that is happening. I always leave conferences charged with new ideas, enthusiastic to learn, keen to try new technologies, happy that I met and talked with some cool people. JPrime JPrime is a brand new […]